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The Arena

The Arena is the place for all day entertainment.

Fashion Shows, dance shows, concerts, and its also where you will find the local Firemen from Lagoa who thrill the kids (of all ages) with a wires slide, or let them see how they can put out a fire (safely!).

There are eleven restaurants and some cafes.

It's the area to sit down, relax with a cold beer, tea, or even a meal, and just enjoy being entertained.

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Entertainment goes on in the Arena all day, and often until after the show officially closes.

Exhibitors like to relax with a meal and a concert.

Visitors like to join them. What's on the programme for each day varies from fashion shows, dance demonstrations, choirs, groups and soloists.

The final programme for each year is announced in The Portugal News in a special feature prior to the event, but you can always be sure that whatever time of day, there is something to sit back and enjoy.

On Saturday night the Arena stays open for visitors and exhibitors to enjoy a meal and entertainment.
More information can be found on the Fair FaceBook page It is also be avilable to download HERE

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