The restaurant area is within the Arena and has eleven full restaurants available plus two snack bars or drink outlets.

The restaurants are equipped with a large kitchen area, but no cooking equipment.

This must be supplied by exhibitors. Each restaurant has a serving area and a shaded seating area, plus space for extra tables, chairs and umbrellas.

A wide variety of food is available from South African Barbecue, Indian Curries. Cream teas, Piri Piri Chicken etc. The variety of food on offer changes each year, but this is always a very popular area to sit and enjoy the entertainment and a meal or snack.

On Saturday night the Arena stays open later for visitors and exhibitors to enjoy a meal and entertainment.

Paul Luckman

Paul Luckman

The Portugal News work endless weeks to make this happen and we hear from visitors, such as, “we came in for half an hour”, “but that was four hours ago” along with the appreciation of the many companies and organisations that support this event makes it all worthwhile...

CEO @ The Portugal News